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Here are 4 ways to increase vulnerability:

Taking the risk to let people in is the recipe for a true romantic partnership and love, so breaking through your walls is a must. You can learn a lot by being vulnerable and witnessing other’s responses. If you are not met with openness and acceptance by your date.

  1. Recognize the purpose of being vulnerable

    Vulnerability is the means to really get each other, build a genuine bond and hopefully fall in love or determine you aren’t a good fit. If you don’t share about yourself.

  2. Change your perception of vulnerability

    Unfortunately, our culture sometimes mistakes vulnerability for weakness.

  3. Understand vulnerability may look and feel different at different stages of dating

    For example, healthy sharing and vulnerability on a first date looks and feels vastly different from healthy sharing and vulnerability on a sixth date because it takes time to build trust.

  4. Take baby steps toward being open and sharing more about yourself

    This is natural, so go easy on yourself as you try new ways of thinking and behaving.

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